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Wisconsin AAYFL

General Youth Football Program Information


Probably our most frequently asked questions concern our schedule: "When does practice start?  How long is the season?  When are games played?"  As we approach the start of the season, we use the Calendar page on this site to keep everyone updated, so always check there for the "latest and greatest" info!  If you have specific questions on schedules, please contact Bill Brewer at

We also know that there are a lot of questions our families may have, especially if they're new to our program.  On top of that, we all learned so much as we worked together to navigate the 2020 season in the face of the pandemic.  Certainly, we all hope to get more "back to normal" in the fall, so we put this Parent Information sheet together to give our Youth Football and Cheerleading families a picture of how things "normally" go during our season.

Fee Waiver Request

The goal of Slinger Gridiron is to provide an opportunity for all young athletes in the Slinger school district to learn to play football. Slinger Gridiron registration fees are set at a reasonable level cover operating costs, equipment purchases, league fees, insurance and field maintenance.  Our coaches do not get paid.   And even though the Slinger Gridiron registration fee is reasonable, when hardships occur any fee can be too high. To learn more about our Fee Waiver process, please review the document below.

Player Withdrawal

Our hope is to retain as many players as possible through the 8th Grade. However, we respect a player's or family's decision to stop playing prior to that point. To learn more about the withdrawal procedure from the program prior to season's end, please review the document below.