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Wisconsin AAYFL


The organization is run entirely by volunteers and we need YOUR help to truly be successful!

A $250 refundable participation fee is paid by each family at registration. A family minimum of six (6) volunteer hours per season is required - more is encouraged.  If the minimum participation of six hours is not met, the participation fee will not be refunded. 

Important Reminders:

  • You are required to contribute a minimum of six (6) hours; more is encouraged.
  • Know your team color when signing up for youth games.
  • Families failing to meet this minimum volunteer requirement will forfeit the $250 participation fee.
  • When completing youth game day hours, you must sign in at the apparel booth.
  • You can self-cancel via ivolunteer if you cancel prior to seven days before your assigned slot.   If your sign up is less than seven days away, you must find a volunteer replacement and notify us of the switch.  If you sign up and don't show, you will not be allowed to volunteer for the remainder of the season and will forfeit your $250 volunteer fee.

  • The participation fee will be reimbursed to qualifying families by the end of each calendar year.

Please email the youth director with any questions.

2024 Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities will be updated throughout the season.  Volunteer invitations will come directly through the IVolunteer system or you can click on the links below to sign up.

Helmet StickeringParents are needed to help sticker helmets for the upcoming season.

Equipment Handout Prep (full):  Parents are needed to help load, unload and set up equipment for handout.

Equipment Handout (full):  Parents are needed to help assist with handout.  Do not sign up for helmets unless you are a coach.  

Equipment Shed Volunteer (full):  Two parents are needed to help disinfect & put away equipment at the end of each practice.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the end of practice.  You can grab equipment that is not being used from the fields and start sanitizing and putting away (wipes are located in top tote on the left hand side when entering shed garage door).  Players will bring the remaining equipment to the shed at the end of practice to be sanitized and put away.  Please put equipment away as pictured below.  The shed should remain tidy and a path remain to allow the village access.  Lock up shed when all equipment is put away.    


Youth Game Day Volunteers (Not Open Yet):  Multiple parents are need to help on game days.  Games cannot be started without three people for chain gang, one scorekeeper and one time keeper. 

  • Apparel booth:  Two volunteers are needed to work the apparel booth.  Instructions in the booth and below.
  • Concession Stand:  Three volunteers are needed to work the concession stand.  Concessions are run by Billy Sims BBQ; one-two workers are always on-site to help.
  • Chain Gang:  Three people are needed to work the chains.  Chains are located on the visitor side of the field.  You don’t need a large understanding of football.  Check out this video (start at 4 minutes).  The mentioned instructions in the video are below.  If unclear about anything, please ask the officials for direction.
  • Time Keeper:   One person is needed to work the time clock.  This person is located in the press box.  This position requires the largest understanding of football but it is not difficult.  Check out this short video.  A few differences from the video:  No two-minute warning.  Time is stopped after 1st down to give crews a chance to get in place.  There is a play clock but it is kept on the field by the officials.  Quarters are eight minutes.  Half time is five minutes, followed by three-minute warmup.  10 minutes in between games.  You can ignore the OT rules as we follow WIAA OT rules that don’t require a clock operator.   Watch the Ref.  They will signal when to stop the clock and when to wind (start) the clock.  You can also check out this video providing instructions to referees.  They talk through a game with clock instructions.
  • Score Keeper:  One person is needed to work the scoreboard.  This person is located in the press box.  You don’t need a large understanding of football.  Instructions in the booth and below.
  • Announcer:  One person is wanted to announce at each game.  This person is located in the press box.  It’s not necessary but the kids love it and deserve some recognition for all their hard work!