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Wisconsin AAYFL

Safety Corner: Health & Wellness

The Health and Wellness of the Slinger Gridiron Youth Players is very important.  Check this page for information on safety guidelines, concussions, and other news regarding the health and safety of our players.

Safety Guidelines

Slinger Gridiron has updated our safety guidelines to be general in nature and not specific to COVID-19.  Please read them carefully and make sure you are familiar with our policies if your child is ill with symptoms of communicable disease.  For the health and safety of others, we need parents and athletes to make sure they are healthy when participating in practices or games.  Other guidelines that are important to note:

  • We will be following the direction of the local public health department and the Slinger School District as it relates to isolation and quarantine of ill/exposed athletes.  If a child is not allowed to attend school because of a communicable disease/significant exposure, they will not be allowed to attend practice or games.
  • Mouth guards must be secure to the helmet.  Each child will be offered one through the Gridiron.
  • Athletes must bring their own water jugs labeled with their name.  Jugs of water are highly recommended so the athlete has enough water to last throughout practices and games to prevent dehydration.
  • Maintaining personal hygiene throughout practice and after practice is key to prevent all infections including skin and respiratory infections.  Please discuss these practices with your children and how it will prevent them from getting sick.

Parent Safety Volunteer

We have significantly modified the Safety Coach position from the 2020 season to be less time intensive and have made it a less formal volunteer position.  We are asking for one parent at each grade level to volunteer during the last 30 minutes of practice and to attend on game days.  The duties include cleaning and locking up equipment and assisting coaches with sideline duties on game days.  This can be anyone and there will not be specialized training for this role.  These hours will go toward your required volunteer hours - look for a sign up coming soon.