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Wisconsin AAYFL


Cookie Fundraiser

If your child missed the Cookie dough kickoff and they did not have a friend pick up an order form, please contact me or your coach or you can download the attached order form.

The items on the order form are not online so make sure you have the teams fill in the physical form, however there are other items online that can be ordered and will count towards your child’s total sales.

The specialty items under the “Team/Group Name” will have our Owls team name etched into them. See attachment “Slinger Owls.pdf”.

The Healing Patriots can be collected on the sheets and online and go to a very worthy cause!! Every $20 donated here also counts for prizes for the seller!!

Please read the GREEN sheet in the folder (or attached) for details on prizes the kids can earn! We hope to have an awards night to present these items to each of the kids; this will depend on availability of the Slinger Middle School cafeteria and any COVID rules still in place so watch for further communications on this.

The kids should bring their completed order forms back to the pavilion before practice on Tuesday, September 7th. Ensure that the order forms and all money are in the envelope for drop-off.

 We will then send out an email as to when and how pickup will take place.

We would love to have 100% participation so please encourage you kids to safely talk to neighbors, friends, and family!