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Wisconsin AAYFL

Slinger Gridiron Youth Football

The emphasis of this program is to instruct all members of the youth teams in the proper techniques of football and sportsmanship. Teamwork, commitment, and fair play is required, at all times, from all Directors, Coaches, and Players.  Slinger Gridiron strives to provide a program which is a positive experience for all members. 

2024 Dates to Remember


Click here for the full calendar.


Parent Informational Meeting:  5/6

Equipment Handout:  6/3

Youth Football Camp: 7/8-7/9

First Practice:  8/3

Jersey Handout:  8/14 & 8/15

Away Scrimmage:  8/17

Pictures:  8/21

Home Scrimmage:  8/24

Youth Night at Varsity Game:  8/30

First Game:  9/7

Homecoming Parade & Varsity Game:  9/27

Last Game (5-7th):  10/26

8th Grade Playoffs:  11/2

Equipment Care


Be sure to disinfect equipment and wash uniforms BEFORE your athlete's first use. 


Game jerseys and practice jerseys
• Clorox 2 for Colors - removes stains without harming the color.  Cheapest at Walmart, Pick N Save & Costco
• Do not use bleach or chlorine!
• Wash in cold water only to keep colors bright
• Dry in dryer with no heat OR air dry to ensure brightness and reduce shrinkage

Shoulder pad, helmets, knee pads
• Clear Gear Spray OR In-Cide - Cheapest on Amazon                          • Kills germs and viruses including MRSA, Staph, and Strep              • Eliminates odors                                                                                                          • Easy to Use: Simply spray on to gear and let dry.  Formula disinfects as it dries - no need to scrub or wipe clean.  Leaves no residue.

Inclement Weather

Football is played in nearly every kind of weather condition.  Therefore, please note that practices and games WILL PROCEED as scheduled unless otherwise communicated.  Rain, snow and high winds will not necessarily cause a cancellation.

In cases of potential lightning or thunderstorms in the immediate vicinity of the practice or game site, however, we will adjust or cancel practice in the following way:

BEFORE PRACTICE: If the likelihood appears to be high enough that we're confident of lightning in the immediate area, we may cancel practice. That determination is made by the coaching director and/or president.

DURING PRACTICE: If we see lightning from the practice fields themselves, we will move the athletes and volunteers indoors.  Once we see lightning, we need to remain indoors for 30 minutes from the last observed lightning bolt.  If this continues or occurs late enough in the practice window, we may cancel practice.  The decision will be made by the coaching director and/or president.

PRIOR TO GAMES: It's up to the AAYFL to cancel or postpone games due to inclement weather.  This decision will be based on observations at the game site by the game officials and the programs represented.

DURING GAMES: If lightning is observed from the game site during a game, we follow the 30-minute protocol listed above, and the determination of whether to resume play or not rests with the game officials.

This is never a convenient occurrence.  As soon as the decision is made, we will initiate all available methods of communication to get the word out and ensure you get your athletes safely and as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: If you're contacted to pick up your athlete earlier than expected due to inclement weather, please make arrangements to do so as quickly as possible.  We instruct our coaching staffs to ensure at least two adults stay with any remaining athletes until they're all picked up - for the safety and well-being of the kids.  Please respect the coaches' time by preparing in advance for these situations.