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Wisconsin AAYFL

Concussion Baseline info

Location: SHS Computer Lab (near the field house)

Remaining dates & times: 7/17 (4:00-6:30pm); 8/5 (3:00-5:00pm)

To register, send your athlete's name, birthdate and email to  You may also email Mike to set up testing if none of these dates works for you.


Hey, Owls!  There have been a lot of changes to our draft schedule over the past several weeks, which is why we haven't updated our page just yet.  Now that the dust has finally settled, we're beginning to receive final drafts of the 2019 schedule. Hang tight for just a little longer, please, and thank you for your patience!

As always, reach out to Bill Brewer ( if you have any questions.  GO OWLS!!


Triple S Sponsor!

2019 TRIPLE-S PROGRAM!  Be a Slinger Safety Sponsor!  It’s all about keeping our players SAFE! Click the link below to donate and view the sponsorship options!  Thank you to all our past and future sponsors!!

Click here to learn more and register as a Slinger Gridiron Sponsor!!

Click here to view past Sponsors - Thank You!!


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Slinger Gridiron Club

Competition.  Camaraderie.  Sportsmanship.  Fun.

Slinger Gridiron proudly exists to provide the 5th-12th grade students in our School District with the opportunity to play tackle football.  We've worked hard to create a fun program that builds character in our players, developing qualities in them like leadership, teamwork, discipline and courage.  Our players learn that hard work is of greater value than natural ability, and that a competitive spirit and a desire to perform to capacity will help them succeed now and in the future.

Teamwork, commitment, and fair play are required, at all times, from all Directors, Coaches, and Players affiliated with Slinger Gridiron.

Bill Brewer

President - Slinger Gridiron Club

Phone: (414) 364-0549

2019 Youth Kickoff References

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