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Wisconsin AAYFL

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Equipment Return

Equipment hand in will be Saturday, November 6 from 9 AM-Noon at Sno Bird Trailers, Unit 11.

There will not be any other options to hand in equipment. If you cannot make it, send your equipment with another person.

Players - please return your helmet, shoulder pads, two white knee pads, blue practice jersey, white & red game day jerseys, blue pants & blue belts.

Coaches - please return your football bags, coach boxes & extra jerseys.

Parents - please return any water supplies if you have them.

It will be a busy three hours and we are looking for a few volunteers to help move the process along. Please sign up to help if you are able:

Game Schedule

Game schedules are subject to change.  We have a couple of instances where teams within one color group are scheduled to play at different sites.  This is a result of the mix of available teams from other programs, which is a condition outside of our control.

Jose A. Rivera, III Memorial Scholarship

Slinger Gridiron is once again proud to sponsor the Jose A. Rivera, III Memorial Scholarship. Jose was a beloved member of our Gridiron family until he passed away prior to his freshman year due to cancer.  We awarded our first scholarship to his graduating class last year; it was a special time for us all.

This scholarship award is $1,054 (Jose wore #54), and it's open to all SHS seniors who have played at least four years of tackle football from Grades 5-12.   Applicants must plan to pursue postsecondary education of any kind (professional certification, trade apprenticeship, associate's or bachelor's programs, etc.) OR - new this year - enter service in the armed forces in the next year.  A completed application and three recommendations (one each from a teacher/administrator, a current/former football coach and one other adult - not family) are all that's required for consideration.

Qualifying students in this year's Senior Class may apply online using the following Google forms (information also available in the SHS Guidance Office):

Link to Application Form

Link to Recommendation Form

Learn more about Jose's life and his impact on others here:


Do you love football, or sports in general?  Have you been wanting to volunteer in your community and make a difference with youth?  If you answered yes to those 2 questions, we have an opportunity for you!

The Slinger Gridiron Board of Directors is still taking applications to fill the President's position.

If interested in finding out more about the position, please contact Bill Brewer at


We're now up to at least three different fake websites that represent themselves as links to our local varsity high school football broadcasts. These sites all ask for your credit card number and other personal information in an attempt to defraud you and potentially steal your identity. They do a good job of using graphics, photos, banners and exciting words to deceive people into thinking they're legitimate.

The ONLY two places to be fully confident that you're getting the correct links to the game are the SHS Athletics Page ( and our Slinger Gridiron Homepage ( That's it. All of us - including this Facebook page - should only share links to one or both of these pages, where fans can then navigate to find the broadcast links within those sites. Links originating from Facebook or any other source CANNOT BE TRUSTED.

Click here for more information.

Slinger Gridiron Youth Football

The emphasis of this program is to instruct all members of the youth teams in the proper techniques of football and sportsmanship. Teamwork, commitment, and fair play is required, at all times, from all Directors, Coaches, and Players.  Slinger Gridiron strives to provide a program which is a positive experience for all members. The character built from participation in the organization shall always be the primary goal.  Learn more about the organization here.

Organizational announcement

It's with mixed emotions that I'm announcing my resignation from Slinger Gridiron.  I'm excited to enter the next phase of service to Slinger, but I'm sad to leave something I love so much.

Please watch this video and read the attached letter for more detail.  Thank you for allowing me to serve you and your family.

Bill Brewer

Video link:

Become a "Slinger Safety Sponsor!"

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Bill Brewer, President
(414) 364-0549